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Tom Stanley

Professor of Meta-Analysis at Deakin University, Melbourne Australia

Tom Stanley is Professor of Meta-Analysis at Deakin University, Melbourne Australia.  He has published more than a dozen meta-analyses and as many meta-analysis methods papers. Over the last decade, he has focused on strengthening the credibility of meta-analysis and social science by developing statistical methods that accommodate publication selection bias and by conducting meta-research surveys of bias and power across scientific disciplines.  His most recent papers use excess statistical significance to identify and reduce the effects of publication selection bias and median retrospective power as an indicator of areas reliable research and credible meta-analyses.  Tom is the convener of MAER-Net (Meta-Analysis of Economics Research Network) and associate editor of the Research Synthesis Methods and the Journal of Economic Surveys.  Previously, he was the Julia Mobley Professor of Economics at Hendrix College, where he taught a wide variety of economics, history, and quantitative methods classes for several decades.