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Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS) is a research to action center dedicated to finding ways to improve the validity and transparency of scientific research.

Why Meta-Research Matters

From providers and patients developing treatment plans to governments creating policies affecting the lives of millions, society depends on evidence from scientific research that is rigorous, credible and valid to make informed decisions. In partnership with researchers, policymakers and other key stakeholders, the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS) is reimagining science for the 21st century with the goal of strengthening the research enterprise to improve the quality of scientific studies in biomedicine and beyond.


What is meta-research? As the name suggests, it is simply research on research. This new field has its roots in traditional meta-analysis and systematic reviews, which aim to examine and combine all research on a scientific question. Meta-researchers apply a wide variety of methodologies to study how research is done and interpreted, in order to reach a rigorous understanding of what makes research reliable, or how it can be strengthened…Research


METRICS resources section is where we provide information on the emerging field of meta-research and best research practices to help inform key stakeholders and strengthen an international network of researchers and others interested in scientific research quality. Resources found here reflect contributions by organizations and individuals working on meta-research issues from around the globe…

About Us

Launched in April 2014 with a founding grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS) is a research to action center focused on transforming research practices to improve the quality of scientific studies in biomedicine and beyond. METRICS fosters multi-disciplinary research collaborations to help produce solutions that increase the effectiveness and value of scientific investigation. By serving as a lens that both focuses and helps magnify the impact of scholars, policymakers and others working on meta-research issues, we hope to enhance the public discourse and advance the development of policies and practices that maximize the use of best research practices…
About Us

Get Involved

Join METRICS and the growing meta-research community to help re-imagine science for the 21st century. A broad range of organizations and individuals are actively engaged in ensuring that the best science is designed, conducted, analyzed, and disseminated to strengthen the evidence base for informed decision-making. Your help is needed.

Numerous efforts are underway to enhance the scientific enterprise through the launching of policy initiatives, implementing new research practices and educating decision-makers and key stakeholders. Join our effort to move knowledge into action to improve the quality of scientific research.
Email: John Ioannidis or Steven Goodman