• Eighth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication

    The Congress will be held September 10-12, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our aim is to encourage research into the quality and credibility of peer review and scientific publication, to establish the evidence base on which scientists can improve the conduct, reporting, and dissemination of scientific research.

  • What Does Research Reproducibility Mean?

    The language and conceptual framework of “research reproducibility” are nonstandard and unsettled across the sciences. In this Perspective, we review an array of explicit and implicit definitions of reproducibility and related terminology, and discuss how to avoid potential misunderstandings when these terms are used as a surrogate for “truth.”

  • Meta-research: Evaluation and Improvement of Research Methods and Practices

    As the scientific enterprise has grown in size and diversity, we need empirical evidence on the research process to test and apply interventions that make it more efficient and its results more reliable. Meta-research is an evolving scientific discipline that aims to evaluate and improve research practices. It includes thematic areas of methods, reporting, reproducibility, evaluation, and incentives (how to do, report, verify, correct, and reward science). Much work is already done in this growing field, but efforts to-date are fragmented. We provide a map of ongoing efforts and discuss plans for connecting the multiple meta-research efforts across science worldwide.

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  • Reviews Of Medical Studies May Be Tainted By Funders' Influence

    News: NPR

    When doctors want to help untangle confusing and sometimes contradictory findings in the scientific literature, they often turn to specially crafted summary studies. These are considered the gold standard for evidence.

  • ASA Advice for Funding Agencies on Reproducible Research?

    News: ASA Community

    The reproducibility crisis is well known in the scientific community, and groups like the NIH, NSF, and other professional societies are taking steps to address it. If the ASA were to be asked for advice from a research funding agency for their reproducible research plans, what would our recommendations be? Recently, ASA Science Policy staff asked several ASA members for their thoughts.

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