• Eighth International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication

    The Congress will be held September 10-12, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Our aim is to encourage research into the quality and credibility of peer review and scientific publication, to establish the evidence base on which scientists can improve the conduct, reporting, and dissemination of scientific research.

  • What Does Research Reproducibility Mean?

    The language and conceptual framework of “research reproducibility” are nonstandard and unsettled across the sciences. In this Perspective, we review an array of explicit and implicit definitions of reproducibility and related terminology, and discuss how to avoid potential misunderstandings when these terms are used as a surrogate for “truth.”

  • Meta-research: Evaluation and Improvement of Research Methods and Practices

    As the scientific enterprise has grown in size and diversity, we need empirical evidence on the research process to test and apply interventions that make it more efficient and its results more reliable. Meta-research is an evolving scientific discipline that aims to evaluate and improve research practices. It includes thematic areas of methods, reporting, reproducibility, evaluation, and incentives (how to do, report, verify, correct, and reward science). Much work is already done in this growing field, but efforts to-date are fragmented. We provide a map of ongoing efforts and discuss plans for connecting the multiple meta-research efforts across science worldwide.

  • Clinical Trials Reporting

    Public registration and reporting of clinical trials is essential to minimize publication bias and increase the efficiency of medical research. ClinicalTrials.gov, one of the largest and most successful trial registration initiatives to date, provides an online searchable database of clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world.

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  • New Political Science Initiative Calls for Evaluating Research Before Knowing the Results

    News: the Washington Post

    Wednesday saw the announcement of The Election Research Preacceptance Competition. The goal of the competition is to use the relatively novel idea of “preacceptance” to improve scientific research that uses the 2016 American National Election Study (ANES) to investigate the dynamics of this, um, interesting election.

  • Why Big Pharma Gets A Failing Grade On Clinical Trial Transparency

    News: Forbes

    Today several pharmaceutical companies are set to meet with New York University assistant professor Jennifer Miller to find out how they scored on her soon-to-be released Good Pharma Scorecard—a comprehensive ranking that will show how effective they are at communicating results from clinical trials that lead up their drugs getting approved by the FDA.

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  • A Peer-reviewer’s Dilemma


    Recently, I was asked to review a Randomized Controlled Trial concerning an antidepressant. Among my comments, I requested the authors provide individual data allowing for a re-analysis. Kindly, the authors answered me that my comment was weird and they’ve never received such a request.

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  • Peer Review Week

    : World-wide

    Peer Review Week is a global event celebrating the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining scientific quality. The event brings together individuals, institutions, and organizations committed to sharing the central message that good peer review, whatever shape or form it might take, is critical to scholarly communications.

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