Publication Literature Database

How was this literature compiled? This literature was obtained from the Scopus database, through a combination of keyword and author searches followed by human inspection and selection. The keyword sets aimed at capturing the essential themes of each of the five focus areas. All potentially relevant records were then downloaded, and inspected by hand for inclusion or exclusion, based on title and, when necessary, abstract. These area-specific searches were applied to the literature published since 2014. For the publications earlier than 2014 we relied on a smaller set of keywords and limited included papers to those with 15 or more citations.The classification into focus areas was determined primarily by matching with the keyword searches. For papers obtained previously using different search criteria and whenever in doubt, papers were attributed to as many areas as possible, often all of them. The geographical area was attributed based on countries in the lists of corresponding addresses, though an automatic data extraction process. Records for which corresponding addresses were not obtained are attributed to all geographical areas.

We intend to expand the database over time to keep improving on our methods to represent the meta-research field. Therefore, we encourage all readers to send us any feedback, questions, suggestions, and corrections. Write to Daniele Fanelli: