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Research Scholar

Mario Malički

After finishing School of Medicine at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, I obtained an MA in Literature and Medicine at King’s College, London, UK, and then worked at the University of Split School of Medicine in Departments of Medical Humanities and Research in biomedicine and health, where I obtained my PhD in Medical Ethics titled: Integrity of scientific publications in biomedicine. I have been researching publication practices, peer review, research integrity, and medical education. From 2017 to 2019 I have been a postdoc at AMC and ASUS Amsterdam, Netherlands; in 2019 a visiting scholar at the ScholCommLab, and in 2020 I joined METRICS as a postdoc with the focus on meta-research of preprints. Since 2022 I am an Associate Director of Stanford Program on Research Rigor and Reproducibility (SPORR). My other interests include medical ethics, hope, statistics, speculative fiction, Frank Herbert’s opus and Leonard Cohen’s poetry. I am also Editor-in-Chief of Research Integrity and Peer Review journal.

METRICS start date: 15 January 2020

METRICS Projects:

METRICS Publications: