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Advisory Council

Larry V. Hedges

Larry V. Hedges is one of eight Board of Trustees Professors at Northwestern University, the university’s most distinguished academic position. He holds appointments in the departments of Statistics, Psychology, in the School of Education and Social Policy, and in the Institute for Policy Research. Previously, he was the Stella M. Rowley Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago. Hedges' research straddles many fields-in particular those of statistics, psychology, and educational policy. He is best known for his work on statistical methods for meta-analysis and its applications to evidence-based policy. He has also worked on the design of social experiments, the assessment of student achievement nationally and cross nationally, the role of uncertainty in basic models for cognition in psychology, and the demography of talent. He was editor of the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, the Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, was Quantitative Methods Editor of Psychological Bulletin, and Associate Editor of the American Journal of Sociology.