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Advisory Council

Kathryn Murdoch

Kathryn Murdoch is a co-founder with her husband, James Murdoch, of the Quadrivium Foundation. In this capacity she champions organizations that are solutions-based, economically and scientifically literate, bi-partisan and focused on people. Through her experience, first at the Clinton Climate Initiative, then as Director of ReSource 2012 at Oxford University and now, as a trustee for the Environmental Defense Fund, Ms. Murdoch has been an advocate for aligning economic and environmental health. As co-chair of the EDF's Communications and Oceans committees, she helped to successfully promote the inclusion of key language in the EU Common Fisheries Policy, and has been an exponent for ocean policy reform in a broader capacity as well, speaking and writing about solutions that reverse degradation of global fisheries and the resulting impact on health and quality of life.