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Postdoctoral Fellow

Cathrine Axfors

I am a medical doctor and a postdoctoral fellow at METRICS with special focus on evaluating research based on nationwide health registers.

At Uppsala University, Sweden, I completed my medical studies, the subsequent clinical internship to qualify for a Swedish MD license, and my PhD in medicine (on trait anxiety in the peripartum period, and its association with depression and health care use). Meta-research caught my interest since it combines a passionate curiosity for the scientific process with empirical work that aims to improve that process – to the ultimate benefit of patients and clinicians.

My main postdoctoral project aims to evaluate research based on nationwide health registers, for example regarding causal inference methods, reporting biases, and transparency, in order to maximize the usefulness. During my fellowship I will also take an active part in promoting international meta-research collaborations and in developing pedagogical material on science rigor and reproducibility for medical students and PhD students