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About Us

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Launched in April 2014 with a founding grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS) is a research to action center focused on transforming research practices to improve the quality of scientific studies in biomedicine and beyond. METRICS fosters multi-disciplinary research collaborations to help produce solutions that increase the effectiveness and value of scientific investigation. By serving as a lens that both focuses and helps magnify the impact of scholars, policymakers and others working on meta-research issues, we hope to enhance the public discourse and advance the development of policies and practices that maximize the use of best research practices

Our Goals

  • Build the meta-research field and catalyze solutions-focused research to develop best scientific practices
  • Provide leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to support the development and implementation of high-quality research
  • Transform research practices to strengthen the evidence base for informed decision-making

Our Team

As an interdisciplinary, solutions focused center, METRICS has recruited a large number of Stanford faculty from multiple disciplines within and outside biomedicine. Our researchers, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and students add additional depth and breadth to METRICS research activities and initiatives.

Our Team

METRICS Affiliates

METRICS Affiliates are recognized leaders in the field of meta-research who are studying research practices in the areas of methods, evaluation, reporting, reproducibility and incentives with the goal of generating evidence to strengthen the research enterprise. Currently we have twenty-eight affiliates from leading research institutions from around the world.

METRICS Affiliates

Partner Organizations

METRICS partners with a broad range of organizations working to improve best research practices through engagement on specific initiatives, targeted research, the sharing of best practices, and participation in working groups.

Contact Us

METRICS welcomes inquiries regarding the Center’s research activities and partnership opportunities. Inquiries from the media are also encouraged. To contact METRICS, please email John Ioannidis or  Steven Goodman.