• Bursting the P-value Bubble

    Mar 06, 2017
    the Biologist

    Authors: John Ioannidis
    Data analysis is an essential component of scientific work. However, it can be misapplied, misused and misinterpreted.
  • No Publication Without Confirmation

    Feb 27, 2017
    Nature Comment

    Authors: Malcolm Macleod, Jeffrey S. Mogil
    Jeffrey S. Mogil and Malcolm R. Macleod propose a new kind of paper that combines the flexibility of basic research with the rigour of clinical trials.
  • Most researchers by now recognize there’s a reproducibility crisis facing science. But what to do about it? Today in Nature, Jeffrey S. Mogil at McGill University and Malcolm R. Macleod at the University of Edinburgh propose a new approach: Restructure the reporting of preclinical research to include an extra “confirmatory study” performed by an independent lab, which verifies the findings before they are published. We spoke with them about how this could work.
  • Scientists, Fishing for Significance, Get a Meager Catch

    Feb 21, 2017

    Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus
    If you cast a wide enough net, you’ll find what looks like a prize-winning fish. But you’ll also catch a lot of seaweed, plastic debris, and maybe even a dolphin you didn’t mean to bring in.
  • Science Journals Permit Open-access Publishing for Gates Foundation Scholars

    Feb 21, 2017
    Nature News

    Richard Van Noorden
    The provisional agreement may set a precedent for other funders and journal publishers.