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  • Currently, there is a growing interest in ensuring the transparency and reproducibility of the published scientific literature. According to a previous evaluation of 441 biomedical journals articles published in 2000–2014, the biomedical literature largely lacked transparency in important dimensions. Here, we surveyed a random sample of 149 biomedical articles published between 2015 and 2017 and determined the proportion reporting sources of public and/or private funding and conflicts of interests, sharing protocols and raw data, and undergoing rigorous independent replication and reproducibility checks.
  • John Ioannidis discusses why most published research findings are false
  • The Center invites applications for postdoctoral fellowship positions in the broad area of meta-research and related fields relevant to the mission of METRICS. Apply now!
  • We are pleased to announce a new PhD opportunity (three-year 0.65 FTE) with Prof John Ioannidis and Dr Tom Hardwicke at the new Meta-Research Innovation Center Berlin (METRIC-B) in Germany.
  • Registered reports present a substantial departure from traditional publishing models with the goal of enhancing the transparency and credibility of the scientific literature. We map the evolving universe of registered reports to assess their growth, implementation and shortcomings at journals across scientific disciplines.